Welcome to Stewart’s Place of Reiki Manuals.

Reiki is a way to channel healing energy through yourself, and brings relief from pain, inner peace, confidence and comfort. You can read about it in What is Reiki.

Reiki is taught after an initiation, called an “attunement”. You are also added to the chain of initiated teachers who came before you, in a particular line of descent. This is called a reiki lineage. It’s important. Reiki systems can be dreamed up by intuitive teachers who are known as “founders”. The lineage will begin with them.

The most common reiki was founded by a man named Mikao Usui. He lived in Japan during the 1920’s. His teachings passed to America through Hawaii. Nowadays this westernized reiki has three levels or degrees: 1st, 2nd and Master. It is a very good place to begin your studies. I offer Usui Reiki on this website. I also offer many other systems. Some are not so much for healing illness. Rather they aid in romantic relationships, self-esteem, prosperity, psychic protection, intuition, etc.


If you want a certificate in a course with the proper teacher credentials to practise healing and teach other students, simply fill out the contact form on the right, and then click the paypal donation button with the amount you wish to pay.

I will give you a new certificate, teacher lineage, course manual, and reiki initiation (we call it a reiki attunement) along with instructions on how to receive it. Sometimes in this blog as well I will feature click-able links to free manuals for you to download and read before buying. Hope to hear from you!

best wishes, Stewart