What is Reiki

Have you ever wanted to help people and the planet? To spread healing? Reiki energy is a great way to accomplish this.

Reiki is a sort of natural healing vibration where people hold their hands near patients and energy flows in an intelligent and helpful response. Patients report relaxation, feelings of peace, warmth, and release. Reiki is useful for pain relief as well. Varieties of reiki may be useful in bringing protection, wealth, romance, confidence and psychic ability. Even animals can be helped by reiki.

Reiki was discovered by a Japanese man named Mikao Usui in the 1920’s. It came to him while meditating on a mountain. He taught it to a few teachers by personal initiation, called an attunement. In time it came to America through Hawaii. This is Western style Usui Reiki, which can be found on this site. It is the first system a beginner should learn. From here you may take further empowerments and healing systems.

In Usui Reiki a student learns to calm inside, to scan patients for sticky or turbulent personal energy, to channel reiki through the palms, to work with special reiki symbols which help with long distance work, and other things. And to initiate other people into this wonderful healing method. The course is separated into 3 levels: 1st degree, 2nd degree and Reiki Master. It takes practice but the attunement to all three levels may be accepted at once, and then with time the energy will be felt stronger and stronger.

Reiki is not defined as a medical cure and is not intended to replace patients’ visits to their doctors. We do not “diagnose” people. We promote wellness in a gently holistic way. Some reiki healers touch patients with their hands. Others do not. Some have insurance. Every healer is expected to hold to the highest ethics.

You can read more in the usui reiki manual or on the internet.